City of Kewaunee, 401 Fifth Street, Kewaunee, WI 54216 920-388-5000  
Besadny Anadromous Fisheries Facility
Come see the wonders of nature at her best! If you're not going to Alaska, Oregon or Washington State any time soon, don't worry. Kewaunee, Wisconsin is the place to be each September and October to watch the salmon run.  In a primeval process, these strong fish return each fall to spawn, swimming upstream and jumping up rapids. However, these shallow streams are often too warm for the young to survive, so the Wisconsin DNR operates fishery facilities to improve the survival rate.  At the Besadny facility, a fish ladder leads to holding tanks. Spawning fish jump up the ladder and land in the tanks, where DNR staff members can collect their eggs. The eggs are hatched, and the young are reared at a state hatchery. The young fish are then released back into the Kewaunee River, where they imprint on the scent of the water before moving into Lake Michigan to grow. The fish use the scent of their home tributary to return to that stream as adults to spawn. The Besadny fishery has a partially underwater tank with plexiglass where you can see the salmon "Up Close and Personal" both under water and during their last jump. For hours of operation, directions getting there, and more detailed information, click to view the Besadny Brochure or call 920-388-1025.